Disability Assistance

Disability Fueling Assistance Program

We offer two programs that help drivers with disabilities refuel - free of charge to you and the consumer. Participating locations must be staffed with at least two employees at all times. Choose the program that works best for your store!

The fuelService app allows customers needing assistance at the pump to quickly identify participating gas stations and request assistance in advance of arrival.

  • Provides efficient solution for drivers with disabilities while increasing brand loyalty with disabled drivers
  • Drives incremental fuel volume
  • Reduces extended periods of cars at fueling positions waiting for assistance
  • Allows Retailers to provide service when it is convenient

How does it work?

  • The disabled driver opens the app to find a station on their route, chooses a station with availability and submits a request for assistance.
  • The app calls the location and an automated voice asks the attendant if they are available to assist the consumer in the next 30 minutes. The attendant either selects “1” for yes, or “2” for no. The response is sent to the driver via the app to confirm the location is able to assist.
  • Once the driver arrives, they open the app to let the attendant know they've arrived and enter their pump number. The attendant receives another automated call and using the telephone keypad, enters the number of minutes it will be before they can assist.
  • The driver is notified and waits for the attendant. The attendant goes out and fuels the car.
  • Once the transaction is complete, the driver can leave a rating in the app and any feedback.

How is it promoted?

  • On-site POP (dispenser decal, pole sign and front door decal)
  • Social media assets given to Retailers to promote on their social channels
  • Customer Brochures are provided for Retailers to use in local outreach. Retailers are encouraged to work with independent living centers and key organizations in the disability community.
Illustration of attendant getting gas for driver


There is minimal training needed since the app handles most of the communication. However, we will provide your locations with a POS Staff Training Guide and video.

CITGO Disability Fueling Program

The CITGO Disability Fueling Program provides a disabled customer the store phone number to contact, once they pull up, to request assistance.

How does it work?

  • A double-sided sign (approximately 12” x 24”) for the ID/gas price sign pole, indicating that disability fueling assistance is available.
  • Pump decals with the location phone number. When a disabled customer pulls up to the pump, they can contact the store using the number found on the decal, and a store employee will come out and fuel their vehicle.

Ready to Enroll?

Contact your CITGO gasoline supplier to enroll. There is no charge to you!

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