POS Maintenance and Support

I've upgraded to EMV…now what?

Even after completing the EMV upgrade at your locations, customer information is still at risk. Skimmers and other devices are still being widely used to capture and sell customer information on the dark web.

So while you've protected your location against fraud, it is also important that you protect your customer's information as well, by:

  • Routinely checking for skimmers and overlays of all card readers
  • Performing daily checks of all card readers to ensure chip reading accuracy; limiting exposure for EMV Fallback fines and penalties
  • Performing daily checks of all Near Field Contactless Readers to ensure they are working properly; limiting exposure for non-compliance fees and fines
  • Routinely verifying Club CITGO savings are going through
  • Routinely verifying CITGO Pay savings are going through
  • Request a current copy of your POS Equipment listing from your gasoline supplier.
  • EMV flyer

POS Support

Now that you've upgraded your POS system to accept EMV cards and configured your POS to accept mobile payment and provide consumer savings, your POS vendor can provide Help Desk Support. These subscriptions provide you with remote support and the latest software updates to help prevent new data security threats, meet PCI software requirements and provide enhanced features.

CITGO requires all locations with integrated POS to subscribe to their respective POS vendor's Help Desk in order to receive support and remote software downloads.

Additional Information

  • Contact your CITGO gasoline supplier to enroll in your POS Vendor's Help Desk support subscription.
  • POS Help Desk Support