CITGO TriCLEAN® gasoline is an enhanced, custom-blended fuel that includes nitrogen-cleaning agents to keep vital engine parts clean for a smoother running engine. Research shows quality fuels resonate with consumers, and they have the assurance of knowing all three grades of CITGO TriCLEAN gasoline are TOP TIER

Consumer Appeal

Research shows consumer perceptions about the cleaning properties of CITGO fuel are ranked 4th as a reason for purchase.*

*Source: Bovitz CITGO Brand Health Monitor 2021
man filling gas

We call our enhanced quality gasoline TriCLEAN, because with continuous use it:

fuel grades

TriCLEAN Marketing Elements

At CITGO, we not only pride ourselves on having one of the industry's most attractive station designs, but our dispenser branding features our TOP TIER CITGO TriCLEAN gasoline.

The updated design is currently available to all new-to-CITGO locations and current locations looking to refresh their image.

  • Pump skirt design with pre-printed TriCLEAN elements and CITGO wordmark
  • Reflective materials—brushed aluminum on valance, stainless steel risers, satin aluminum vinyl on doors

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CITGO street sign
TriCLEAN Top Tier logo
CITGO dispensers close up
CITGO triCLEAN dispensers