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Making a difference in your local community sets you apart from your competitors. Let CITGO help you with these charitable giving initiatives.

Spirit Pump

Spirit Pump

The CITGO Spirit Pump program is a fundraising alternative that provides you with the opportunity to “pump up” support for local schools and charitable organizations.

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“CITGO provides everything you need and makes it simple to implement. It's just another way CITGO makes it easy to give back to thecommunities that we serve”
—Tim CITGO North Carolina Marketer

What's Included

  • Free marketing materials, including pump skirt and valance decals, pump topper inserts, posters, postcard handouts, cooler decals, wobblers and vinyl banners for the location and school/charity
  • Optional marketing materials, including customization and extra vinyl banners and pump topper inserts, are available for an additional fee

How It Works

  • Partner with a local school/ charity to raise funds
  • Designate a pump at your location for no less than 8 weeks (16-week maximum)
  • Set a cents-per-gallon commitment on all purchases made at the Spirit Pump during the program period (minimum guaranteed donation of $1,000 required)

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Muscular Dystrophy Association® (MDA®)

Thanks to your extraordinary efforts and generosity, CITGO remains the top corporate sponsor of the MDA, having raised over $260 million since 1986.

Ways you can partner with MDA to make a difference:

  • Shamrocks Against Dystrophy - sell $1 and $5 shamrocks at your locations during the weeks leading up to St. Patrick's Day.
  • Pin-up programs - these can be customized throughout the year
  • Golf tournaments
  • Bowl-a-thons
  • Social events
  • Muscle walks/runs

The funds raised at the year-round events, such as Shamrocks and Golf Tournaments, help send kids to summer camp, support clinics and aid in valuable research.

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Bess the Book Bus

CITGO sponsors Bess the Book Bus as it travels to schools, community centers, shelters and after school programs across the country. Bess is a non-profit 501(c) (3) mobile literacy outreach organization. Run by Jennifer Frances of Tampa, Fla., the organization visits local communities nationwide in a specially designed “book bus,” coordinating reading events and providing children with free, new books. In 2022, Bess the Book Bus donated its one millionth book on nationwide tour!

Get Involved

  • Host a reading event at your location
  • Partner with a local school or library
  • Donate books

Did You Know

As a pillar of our corporate social responsibility, we support local education with seven CITGO Innovation Academies; grants and scholarships through the CITGO STEM Talent Pipeline; and teacher support through the Fueling Education program.

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Stack of newspapers with ipad on top

Local Involvement

Investing in your local community can not only organically promote your brand, but it could give you free publicity. Your impact on local organizations could drive new customers and even help you attract top talent. Supporting those around you will earn customer trust and loyalty - differentiating your business from the competition.

Consider hosting events with Bess the Book Bus or supporting a local charity through Spirit Pumps.

Give back and watch your community - and hopefully - business grow.

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