Volume Increases for some locations that have converted to the CITGO brand image

*Results may vary depending on market area

CITGO Branding

Our brand image is one of the primary reasons that Retailers choose to fly the CITGO flag. Not only is it one of the industry's most attractive station images, but it is also reasonably priced and easy to install.

Our latest design, called “Illuminate” features brushed aluminum elements on the canopy and dispensers, eyebrow lighting and under deck canopy paint. The image carries on the CITGO tradition of cutting-edge street-level design and gives strong placement to the CITGO Trimark, so that it can be seen for miles—a beacon of great service.


Eyebrow Lighting

This lighting package brightens up the visual appeal of your gas station and attracts customers to your location. By investing in this affordable lighting solution, you will illuminate the property, giving your customers an enhanced fueling experience at night.

CITGO eyebrow lighting


  • Brighter visual appeal at night
  • Reduces streaking and other discolorations on canopy fascia
  • Easy to install

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Canopy Eyebrow Lighting

Trimark, Channel Letters and Triform

The canopy signage includes the Trimark, CITGO channel letters (also known as the wordmark) and Triform vinyl canopy decal. The white channel letters with blue returns are illuminated, while the blue channel letters with silver returns have a halo effect. The Triform vinyl decal is a graphic element placed on all four sides of the canopy.

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CITGO canopy signage

Under Deck Canopy Paint

We, in partnership with Anchor Paint, have formulated an under deck canopy paint to help enhance our brand image and keep the under deck of your CITGO canopy looking bright and clean.

CITGO under deck canopy


  • Cost effective and competitive
  • Easy, two-coat application—one coat primer, one coat paint
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • One gallon of each covers a 200-square-foot area

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Under Deck Canopy Paint


Our dispenser branding puts TOP TIER TriCLEAN® gasoline front and center for all consumers to see on the pump valance. The design also features reflective materials on the valance, risers and doors, while the pump skirt is pre-printed with TriCLEAN elements and the CITGO wordmark.

CITGO triclean dispenser

Street Sign

We offer a variety of sign systems, from single-product and multi-product LED price signs to high rise signs. Each price sign includes the CITGO logo and features our quality TriCLEAN gasoline panel.

CITGO street sign

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