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64% of fuel savings members tend to shop more frequently at stores where they can earn rewards per location.*

* PDI's 2020 Road to Rewards Report

Club CITGO drives loyal customers to participating locations.

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CITGO has made a commitment to help grow your business by providing consumers with exciting loyalty offerings. In order to offer consumers a consistent shopping experience and ensure program success, Retailer participation is critical and required. Club CITGO is an easy-to-implement loyalty and rewards program that can help you grow a dependable customer base and increase profit margins.

We provide our full support, including special marketing information, training videos and documents, a dedicated call center and fully funded deals and rewards. Your customers automatically get a 3¢ rollback reward on fuel purchases in addition to monthly rewards such as Triple Tuesdays (9¢), 5¢ Fridays, and everyday savings on popular product brands at the register right in the palm of their hands. All available rewards will be applied when customers enter their Alt ID to encourage repeat visits**.

To elevate your offering further, you can incorporate your own deals/rewards specific to your location or work with PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions to build a fully integrated loyalty solution. Additional agreement and fees may apply.

Save per gallon

Club CITGO now offers rollback at the pump to consumers at eligible locations. Rollback is not only convenient for the consumer, it also helps increase loyalty, reduce dependence on cashier training and provides more data for personalized offerings.

** Fuel rollback rewards are limited to Club CITGO members, up to 30 gallons per visit. See app for details.

Benefits and Features

  • Mobile ID and Alternate ID (Alt ID) added to Club CITGO
  • Savings rolled back at the pump
    • Everyday 3¢ rewards on fuel purchases
    • Monthly rewards - customers will have the ability to stack additional rollback rewards on a Tuesday and Friday.
  • Automatic discounts at the register on select in-store products
Save 3 cents with every gallon with club CITGO
3 steps saves 3 cents

How it Works

  • Always ask Customers if they have the Club CITGO app. If not, encourage them to download so they can save on every gas purchase and popular store products.
  • Enter Alt ID or scan Mobile ID (for Verifone locations) BEFORE the transaction is completed in order to receive the automatic rewards (at the pump or register).
    • The Alt ID is the phone number they entered when registering with Club CITGO. It can be found in the customer's Profile page in the Club CITGO app under settings.
    • Mobile ID can be found by tapping the Mobile ID icon in the Club CITGO app.
  • Fuel rewards can be redeemed while paying at the pump by entering Alt ID prior to payment.
  • Fuel rewards and product savings can be redeemed in-store by entering Alt ID, scanning the Mobile ID barcode or entering Mobile ID bar code number prior to ringing the sale.

Types of Savings

  • Everyday 3¢ rewards - on fuel purchases, rolled back at the pump.
  • Triple Tuesdays - additional savings earned one time per month on one Tuesday and will be offered the first time they use their Alt ID on a Tuesday.
  • 5¢ Friday - additional savings earned one time per month on one Friday and will be offered the first time they use their Alt ID on a Friday.
  • Scan Deals - deals on in-store products. Automatically redeemed at the register.
  • Rollback rewards stack - all available rewards will be applied when customers enter their Alt ID to encourage repeat visits.
    • Members who link the Club CITGO account in the CITGO Pay app via the Apple App Store or on Google Playcan receive at least 5¢ everyday.
* PDI's 2020 Road to Rewards Report
Triple Tuesday, save up to 9 cents a gallon only with the Club CITGO app
Need help? Contact the Club CITGO Customer Service Center at 1-888-2-GO-CLUB (1-888-246-2582) or