POS & Loyalty Compliance

To maintain consistency across the CITGO branded network, all POS systems are required to be compliant, and loyalty programs must function properly.

Monthly penalties at locations that remain non-compliant will be issued the first monthly penalty on February 1, 2024. Penalties start at $500 and will be incurred for each of the below non-compliant issues at individual locations.


POS Software Compliance - Verifone and Gilbarco and NCR

  • Locations not upgraded to the latest version will be fined monthly starting at $500/month.

Loyalty/Mobile Program Compliance

  • Locations that have never had activity on either Club CITGO or Mobile Pay in the last quarter will be fined starting at $500/month until the issue(s) is resolved.
  • POS Software
    • Verifone Base 53.33 or 53.40 (or later)
    • Gilbarco Passport 21.03 (or later)
  • Loyalty (Club CITGO) and mobile payment
    • A Club CITGO® transaction within the last quarter (Note, active Club CITGO Heartbeat, does not necessarily indicate that the POS is configured properly. The only way to know if Club CITGO is configured properly is to attempt a Club CITGO transaction.)
    • An active mobile payment heartbeat

Together, the CITGO Marketer and Retailer must ensure that programs function properly on their locations' POS. Failure to participate in and offer these programs may result in less-than-desirable consumer satisfaction, and non-compliant fees.

CITGO programs depend on well-maintained POS systems, including network-compliant software versions. These programs drive brand loyalty and must be administered consistently across the branded network. All CITGO-branded locations are required to update their POS systems to the latest version to ensure smooth operations, regulatory compliance, and enhanced customer experiences. To be a compliant CITGO branded location, loyalty and mobile payment configurations must also be active at POS-supported locations.

Locations that do not have a loyalty transaction for one full quarter will be mystery-shopped to validate functionality. Those that fail the mystery shop (the program does not function) will be fined $500/month for each failure beginning the following quarter. If the mystery shop succeeds, the location will not be penalized or shopped the following quarter.

Example 1: On January 15, 2024, POS software was updated at a location. However, the location no longer has an active mobile payment heartbeat. Therefore, this location will incur a $500 non-compliant fee for Loyalty for February, which will reoccur monthly until the issue(s) is resolved.

Example 2: On April 23, 2024, a location did not update its POS software nor was there a successful Club CITGO transaction in the first quarter. This location will incur a $1,000 fee for non-compliant POS software and non-compliant Loyalty fine for Club CITGO, which will reoccur monthly until the issue(s) are resolved.

  • Club CITGO must have a successful transaction within the previous quarter. If the Club CITGO Loyalty requirement fails, penalties will be monthly.

Check if you are up to date

  • Marketers, go to the POS Program Reports within MarketNet and enter your location ID.
  • Retailers, check with your Marketer for a copy of the report or to gain access to MarketNet.

Compliance Contacts

If your location requires action to resolve a mobile payment heartbeat or Club CITGO transaction issue, or to schedule your compliance upgrade, contact one of the below: