You can count on CITGO to bring you engaging advertising, loyalty promotions, local events and community relations designed to catch a customer's attention and drive them into your location. Once there, informative Point of Purchase (POP) signage at the pump and inside the store reminds your customers why they should keep coming back.

2023 Advertising Campaign

Wherever you're headed, it feels good when you've got everything you need to get you there. It's that feeling of being ready for action that lets you put everything else in the rearview. Good to GO plays off the CITGO name and captures that sense of spontaneity and road-ready exhilaration. With CITGO, You're Good to GO!

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Brand Advertising Campaign

Once at your stores, four waves of POP will showcase distinct, brand-building messages designed to reinforce our key messages in your consumer's minds:

  • Benefits of our quality TriCLEAN gasoline
  • Everyday savings with Club CITGO
  • CITGO Rewards cardholder benefits
  • Mobile payment and savings with CITGO Pay

As always, POP installation will be conveniently handled for you by CITGO.

A number of excellent reasons to join Club CITGO

A Look at Your High-Potential Customers

Who are your high-potential customers? Our proprietary research continually analyzes the consumer landscape, noting changes in values, habits and attitudes that shape the behavior of the American gasoline/convenience store customer. With the rate of rapid change in our society, it's no surprise that our latest study led us to three high-potential consumer segments; enabling CITGO to fine-tune the messaging in our brand-building campaigns to attract them:

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Top Tier Trendsetters

  • More interested in and influenced by technology
  • Own more high-end and complex cars, put a greater emphasis on gas quality and performance
  • Outgoing, has leadership qualities, active in their communities, want to make the world a better place
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Social Status Seekers

  • More focused on finding their place in the world and in their social community, getting “ahead” in life
  • Greater focus on station, community and place to “hang out” and interact socially, less focus on gas quality
  • Greater propensity for risk-taking, adventure, extravagance, likely because still young and finding their identity
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Local Loyalists

  • Prize familiarity, quality and trust in a brand above all else, which to them, translates to “American-Made”
  • More traditional, smalltown, community-minded
  • Sticks to a familiar routine, staying loyal to a narrow set of gas brands they can trust

Reaching Consumers

We'll push our key messages out to consumers via a strategic mix of advertising channels—POP, digital video, outdoor billboards, gas apps and radio—as well as through special regional promotions and a heavy social media presence.

Channel Roles & Approach


Digital & Traditional Radio

  • Leverage mass reach and intercept audiences when they are most likely on the go
  • Align messaging during key drive seasons and times of day when audiences may be most receptive

Digital & Traditional Video

  • Engage with audiences as they are consuming digital video content and incorporate data targeting to maximize media efficiencies and reach a more targeted audience
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Gas/Nav. Apps

  • Utilize geographic targeting to maximize proximity effectiveness
Billboard advertisement

Outdoor Advertising

  • Mix of bulletins and posters for high visibility and awareness
  • Leverage local posters for proximity and traffic driving
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Social Media

We continue to use social media as a catalyst to bring the CITGO brand to life and fully express our “Fueling Good” philosophy through a unique set of content categories that you and your consumers can relate to and rally around. From Community and Travel to Rewards and Family Fun, we're creating meaningful relationships that will drive our business objectives.

Our social media calendar will be full of original posts, including those in support of all our key messages. We'll engage with consumers, build excitement around our TOP TIER CITGO TriCLEAN gasoline, feature great deals, rewards and sweepstakes offered through the Club CITGO app and promote all the ways we're fueling good and giving back in our local communities.

Engage with CITGO

Tag us in your posts with @FuelingGood any time you keep the good going in your communities. And use these hashtags to make sure we see—and help spread—your messages!