You can count on CITGO to bring you engaging advertising, loyalty promotions, local events and community relations designed to catch a customer's attention and drive them into your location. Once there, informative Point of Purchase (POP) signage at the pump and inside the store reminds your customers why they should keep coming back.

2024 Advertising Campaign

No matter what you’re doing or where you’re headed, when you start with CITGO, you’re always Good to Go. Our second year of the “Good to Go” marketing campaign further highlights the performance-boosting benefits of TOP TIER TriCLEAN® gasoline, and the generous rewards of the easy-to-use Club CITGO® app. In TV and digital video, we showcase how CITGO is integrated into the lives of its loyal customers. Customers experience comedic little twists and turns in their daily life, and they are always “Good to Go” with CITGO as they drive away. Additionally, we will be using radio, outdoor boards, location POP, display and social media to further convey CITGO’s strengths.

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Brand Advertising Campaign

Once at your stores, four waves of POP will showcase distinct, brand-building messages designed to reinforce our key messages in your consumer's minds:

  • Benefits of our quality TriCLEAN gasoline
  • Everyday savings with Club CITGO
  • CITGO Rewards cardholder benefits
  • Mobile payment and savings with CITGO Pay

As always, POP installation will be conveniently handled for you by CITGO.

A number of excellent reasons to join Club CITGO

A Look at Your High-Potential Customers

Who are your high-potential customers? Our proprietary research continually analyzes the consumer landscape, noting changes in values, habits and attitudes that shape the behavior of the American gasoline/convenience store customer. CITGO has fine-tuned messaging to attract the younger audiences with the most potential for consumer growth:

Gen Z driving in car

Gen Z: Age 18-26

  • Value openness and inclusivity
  • Search out new shiny things that set them apart
  • Environmentally and societally conscious
  • Desire control and personalization
Millenials in front of CITGO station

Millennials: Age 27-44

  • Prioritize experiences over material possessions
  • Foster a strong sense of community
  • Customize for personalization
  • Desire to keep up with emerging technology

Reaching Consumers

We'll push our key messages out to consumers via a strategic mix of advertising channels—POP, digital and streaming video, outdoor billboards, gas apps, streaming radio—as well as through special regional promotions and a heavy social media presence.

Media Channel Roles & Approach


Streaming Audio

  • Leverage mass reach and intercept audiences when they are most likely on the go
  • Align messaging during key drive seasons and times of day when audiences may be most receptive

Streaming Video/Digital Display

  • Engage with audiences as they are consuming digital video content and incorporate data targeting to maximize media efficiencies and reach a more targeted audience
Cell phone

Gas/Nav. Apps

  • Engage with drivers as they are planning drives and actively seeking fuel options during key time periods
Billboard advertisement

Outdoor Advertising

  • Reinforces video and audio messaging in areas within close proximity to CITGO locations
Cell phone and social media icon

Social Media

  • Social posts will be designed to build trust and awareness to the CITGO brand and the quality of our TOP TIER TriCLEAN fuel. Content is designed to attract a mix of Millennials and Gen Z with fun, shareable videos, photos, and contests.

Engage with CITGO

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