CITGO Fleet Cards

Want to increase your bottom line? Fuel local businesses? Reward cashiers? The CITGO Fleet Program can help!

Did you know…on average, consumers purchase about 35 gallons per month, while fleet customers buy an average of 960 gallons per month? That's over 25 times more fuel! Furthermore, about 73% of fleet drivers shop at the same brand and site for business and personal purchases. So not only will you see an increase from their business card purchases, but you will ALSO increase your share of their regular personal purchases!

So, how do you get those businesses to fill up at your locations and turn them into regular customers?

Encourage your cashiers to watch the Fleet 101 and Promoting Fleet videos, engage with Fleet customers and submit qualified referral(s) so they can earn $50 in Amazon Gift Cards for every fleet referral that turns into a CITGO Fleet Card application.

A referral is better than a lead. A referral is a person or company that knows you, the Marketer or Retailer, and trusts your way of doing business but doesn't have one of our CITGO Fleet cards.

When you promote the CITGO Fleet program, you're helping create loyal business customers, potentially lowering your transaction fees by 30-50%*, providing a better business solution, and allowing your cashiers to earn up to $50 per qualified referral.

Who qualifies for a Fleet Card? Businesses with two or more company vehicles.

With multiple card types and fuel rebates of up to 7¢ per gallon**, there are options to offer your consumers.+

Card Comparison Chart

(local & small business)
Fleet Select
(larger fleets)
Fleet Universal
(larger fleets)
CITGO Fleet Card CITGO Fleet Select Card CITGO Fleet Universal Card
Valuable rebates
Detailed driver and mileage report check mark check mark check mark
Enhanced security: driver ID and odometer required check mark check mark check mark
Purchase limits to help prevent unauthorized spending check mark check mark check mark
24/7 online account access check mark check mark check mark
In-station card capabilities check mark
Tax exemption and reporting available check mark check mark check mark
Accepted at 95% of U.S. retail fuel locations and more than 45,000 service merchants check mark
  • *Based on fueling behavior analysis, 2022 CITGO portfolio, performed by WEX.
  • **Rebates are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  • +WEX personnel will navigate fleets to the card product that matches their fleet size.