Mobile Pay

Mobile Payment Apps

Enable customers to make easy, secure, contactless fuel payments from the convenience of their vehicle.

CITGO currently offers

Alexa®: Alexa enables customers to pay for gas just by saying, "Alexa, pay for gas." Using their vehicle's Alexa-enabled device or the Alexa app, customers simply confirm their location and pump number, pay and be on their way.

CITGO Pay: CITGO proprietary app that allows customers to activate the dispenser from their car and features rollback at-the-pump savings at participating CITGO locations. Customers can also activate offers and choose their preferred payment method.

Benefits of the app: Alexa CITGO Pay
Activate pump from inside car χ χ
Voice-activated prompts χ  
Receipt emailed to account holder χ χ
Receipt available in Amazon account χ  
Rollback Saving   χ
Stacks with Club CITGO Savings   χ
Faster and More Secure χ χ
No Zip Codes Required χ  
Exclusive to CITGO Locations   χ
Purchase Car Wash Other Services   χ
Works Inside Store   χ
Savings 100% Reimbursed χ χ

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