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All customers are important to the success of your business, but those wielding a CITGO credit card are the most valuable of all. Of course, the first step is getting a CITGO card into your customers’ hands. So, take a look at the variety of card options below to learn how to do just that!

CITGO Rewards Card  

CITGO Rewards® Card

With zero transaction fees for you, and cardholders that spend more than non-cardholders, there are many great reasons for you to promote the Rewards Card at your locations. learn more...
CITGO Fleet Card  

CITGO Fleet Card Program

With four different cards to choose from and a rebate of up to 7¢ per gallon, our Fleet Card program offers a complete fuel management solution for small and large businesses, alike! learn more...
CITGO Gift Card

CITGO Gift Card

Be sure to keep these in stock as they're perfect for people on the go! They work just like cash and customers are able to set the value of their card in whole dollar increments, ranging from $5 to $300.

Gift Card Tip

  • No transaction fees
  • No dormancy fee
  • No expiration date
  • Rechargeable up to 999 times
  • Balance check availability

Order Additional Gift Cards
Contact your CITGO gasoline supplier.

Sales/Activation Procedures
Click here for Gift Card sales/activations for a variety of POS equipment.





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