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The following are required for all CITGO locations:

  • EMV (chip) card acceptance inside
  • EMV (chip) card acceptance PIN Pads outside (fuel dispensers)
  • Most current version of POS software available
  • POS upgrades required within 90-days of availability
  • POS is configured for Club CITGO, CITGO Pay and FIS Premium Payback
  • Internet/broadband for payment card processing
  • Installation and use of an all-in-one firewall and POS Zone Router from a CITGO-authorized firewall provider (“MNSP”) for payment cards, loyalty and mobile programs
  • POS and Dispenser software must be on the current version, or one prior, posted to MarketNet and POS Vendor Portals
  • All new locations must meet indoor and outdoor EMV requirements when on-boarding with CITGO
  • EMV Contactless (tap and pay) card acceptance inside and outside
  • PIN Pads must be properly maintained to prevent ‘Fallback to swipe’ transactions
    • Chip reader must be functional
    • Contactless feature must be enabled
    • Card brands may impose fines for non-compliance
  • If offering cash/credit pricing on the CITGO Rewards card, the POS must be configured to support discounts

Minimum Point-of-Sale Equipment Requirement

Additional Questions:

Contact your CITGO
gasoline supplier
Contact your local
POS distributor
CITGO POS Product Managers
800-423-8434, ext. 5415

Certified POS Systems and Fuel Dispensers

Certified POS Systems

The POS systems listed below are CITGO-certified and meet minimum POS standards.

  • Verifone Commander/RubyCi with supported PIN Pads
    • Beginning 2022, CITGO recommends the C18 POS terminal and M400 PIN Pad
  • Gilbarco Passport PX60 and PX68 with EDH2, Windows 10 and SSD Upgrade and Mx915 PIN Pads
  • NCR Radiant POS with supported Windows 10 hardware
  • Ingenico Desk 3500
  • EMV supporting PIN Pads and the most current PIN Pad and POS software versions.

Certified Fuel Dispensers

The fuel dispenser systems below are approved and certified for the CITGO EPOS Network:

  • Gilbarco Encore 700s with FlexPay and FlexPay IV
  • Wayne Ovation with iXPay 1 and iXPay 2
  • Bennett (Verifone POS only)

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