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Club CITGO now rolls back at the pump and more!

Through enhancements made to the app, all participating Club CITGO Rollback locations will offer a 3¢ automatic rollback reward. By improving the way your customers interact with the app, we've given them another reason to shop at your location.

New Benefits & Features:

  • Mobile ID and Alternate ID (Alt ID) added to Club CITGO
  • Savings rolled back at the pump
    • Everyday 3¢ rewards on fuel purchases
    • Monthly rewards - customers will have the ability to stack additional rollback rewards on a Tuesday and Friday.
  • Automatic discounts at the register on select in-store products


How it Works

  • Always ask Customers if they have the Club CITGO app. If not, encourage them to download so they can save on every gas purchase and popular store products.
  • Enter Alt ID or scan Mobile ID (for Verifone locations) BEFORE the transaction is completed in order to receive the automatic rewards (at the pump or register).
    • The Alt ID is the phone number they entered when registering with Club CITGO. It can be found in the customer's Profile page in the Club CITGO app under settings.
    • Mobile ID can be found by tapping the Mobile ID icon in the Club CITGO app.
  • Fuel rewards can be redeemed while paying at the pump by entering Alt ID prior to payment.
  • Fuel rewards and product savings can be redeemed in-store by entering Alt ID, scanning the Mobile ID barcode or entering Mobile ID bar code number prior to ringing the sale.

3 Steps
Stack Rewwards

Exclusive Club CITGO Deals

  • Everyday 3¢ rewards - on fuel purchases, rolled back at the pump.
  • Triple Tuesdays - additional savings earned one time per month on one Tuesday and will be offered the first time they use their Alt ID on a Tuesday.
  • 5¢ Friday - additional savings earned one time per month on one Friday and will be offered the first time they use their Alt ID on a Friday.
  • Scan Deals - deals on in-store products. Automatically redeemed at the register.
  • Rollback rewards stack - all available rewards will be applied when customers enter their Alt ID to encourage repeat visits.

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