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If an easy-to-implement loyalty and rewards program is what you're looking for to build a dependable customer base and increase profit margins, look no further than the Club CITGO mobile app!

You get our full support, including training, a dedicated call center and cents per gallon funded deals and rewards. Your customers get every-day savings on top-quality fuel and popular product brands and sweepstakes opportunities in the palm of their hands.

Unlock the Potential

While mobile coupon locations can accept fuel deal or reward in the store, through enhancements made to the app, at rollback locations customers now save through an automatic rollback at the pump. By improving the way your customers interact with the app, we've given them another reason to shop at your location.

Club CITGO Premium Benefits Club CITGO
Mobile Coupons
Fuel Deals & Promotions χ χ
Fully Funded Retail Offers to Drive C-Store Traffic   χ
National Promotions χ χ
Rollback at the pump Fuel Deals   χ
Alt ID feature for automatic Savings   χ
Coupon Key on register needed χ  
POP to Promote In-App Offers & National Promotions χ χ
Long-Term Customer Loyalty χ χ
Email Campaigns   χ
Social Media Campaigns (e.g., Facebook, Twitter)   χ
What is the Club CITGO Mobile App? Download The Brochure Live Chat What is the Club CITGO Mobile App? Download The Brochure Live Chat

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