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Tips to Improve Your Interior Image

These guidelines will help make sure the inside of your location is clean, easy to get around and nice to look at for your customers — especially the restrooms.

Download the complete Mystery Shop questionnaire/checklist.

Is the restroom clean and in good condition for customers?

  • Clean restrooms on a daily basis, at the very least
  • Get rid of offensive odors by using aerosol dispensers


Are restroom fixtures and lights in good condition?

  • Make sure all toilets and urinals are clean and in working condition
  • Replace mirrors that have excess scratches
  • Maintain lighting fixtures and make sure they work

Are restroom supplies available?

  • Keep restrooms stocked with paper, towels and soap in the appropriate dispensers
  • Repair dispensers as needed, including hand dryers
  • Empty trash cans as needed; they should not be overflowing

Does the location present a professional and clean image?

  • Clean floors and rugs on a regular schedule
  • Make sure that lighting is working throughout the location
  • Remove obstructions from the aisles
  • Empty trash cans as needed; they should not be overflowing

If the location has a food service area, is it clean and well maintained?

  • Keep counters in the food service area clean and free of clutter
  • Maintain equipment in good working condition; make sure it is clean
  • Keep fresh coffee available in the morning and hot food available at lunch and dinner

Are shelves well merchandised, clean and well stocked, including coolers?

  • Clean and remove residue from gondola shelves
  • Keep merchandise on shelves full and well stocked
  • Make sure cooler doors are clean with working lights
  • Keep merchandise in coolers full and well stocked
  • Keep displays clean and well maintained

Is promotional signage in good condition, placed correctly and current?

  • Make sure that all promotional signage reflects current sale items/prices
  • Pre-print promotional signage so that it looks professional


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