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Tips to Improve Your Customer Service

These guidelines will help make sure you and your employees look nice and give friendly, helpful service to each customer that walks through your door.

Download the complete Mystery Shop questionnaire/checklist.

Were all observed personnel wearing a uniform and/or nametag?

  • Keep a clean and well groomed appearance
  • Wear a uniform and/or nametag
  • Don't forget to smile

Did the customer service representative (CSR) offer a high level of service while handling the transaction?

  • Always provide eye contact and verbal acknowledgement to all customers
  • Give all customers a friendly greeting
  • Thank customers after every transaction

Did CSR handle the transaction correctly and efficiently?

  • Make sure that product totals match posted prices for all transactions
  • Process all transactions as quickly as possible so that customers don't have to wait

Is cashier area clean and uncluttered?

  • Make sure the sales counter has adequate room to place products for purchase
  • Keep sales counter displays clean, organized and well stocked

Did CSR attempt to plus sell an item or mention a program from location to enhance experience?

  • Always ask your customers if they were able to find what they were looking for and if there is anything else they need
  • Attempt to "plus sell" special items and programs (e.g., carwash, MDA Shamrock, daily special, etc.)

Is your level of customer service increasing your margins or costing you money? GasBuddy recently concluded that gas stations with below-average customer service ratings on its app saw 15% fewer visits than industry average. Conversely, gas stations with above-average customer service ratings on the app saw a lift of nearly 7%.

Source: GasBuddy Q1 2018 Foot Traffic Review.


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