Mobile Pay

Alexa, Pay for Gas
Say "pay" and be on your way

Benefits & Features:

  • Works on Alexa mobile app or on vehicles with Alexa Built-in
  • Easy to use; simply say "Alexa, pay for gas" to get started
  • Secure, in-car payment process means there is no need to get out of the vehicle to insert a payment card at the pump

How it works:

  1. Open the Alexa mobile app or use your Alexa Built-in and say Alexa, pay for gas.
  2. Confirm the gas station location
  3. Follow prompts to say the pump number
  4. Activate the pump and dispense fuel
  5. Take receipt
  6. Payment is processed with the Amazon Pay method associated with the customer's Amazon account

Training & Resources

Visit Amazon for more details.

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